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Why Do Other People Have All The Great Ideas?

Do you ever look at people and think, “where did you come up with that idea from?

Wouldn’t you love to have half the brilliant ideas that some people seem to have?

Imagine being the person who had a music player in one pocket and a mobile phone in the other, who then thought, “Well, why don’t I combine them into one device?”

Suddenly a revolution – a product that no one in the world needed but suddenly no one could live without. 

Not to mention sticking a quality camera in it – oh… and a sat nav.

Six years after it was launched the iPhone was voted the 8th greatest invention ever, in between penicillin and the flushing toilet.

In 1997 two men decided to see if DVDs could survive being sent through the mail. The disc arrived intact and a year later they launched Netflix. Subscribers could order movies of their choice to arrive on their doormat, keep them for a while then return them in exchange for a new one. Within six years they had a patent and trademark to protect their subscription rental service and their members exceeded one million. Three years later saw their numbers up to five million. 

Ten years after their first venture, they launched their on demand streaming service, just two years after the advent of You Tube.

Here’s a thing – we all, you, me everybody has ideas all the time. We can’t help it.

But, do you expose yourself to the situations that could allow these ideas to become opportunities? Do you push yourself to find more interesting ideas?

What could you do with those interesting ideas? Could you turn them from notions into ideas and from ideas into theories? 

Your next idea could be shared with the world, it could become part of something much bigger. Maybe it could be what is needed to make things a bit better.

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